• June 23-25 with the amazing friends & Blues instructors Vicci and Adamo * 7h of classes per track * including a pre-party class on Friday and a solo class * 3 live bands!

What you can expect

  • There will be small level classes of a maximum of 16 couples, which ensures a high level of feedback and a comfortable learning atmosphere. Classes take place at our beautiful new dance studio Savoy Club with wooden floors ideal for dancing.
  • Also, we will start the weekend together with our teachers Vicci and Adamo already on Friday night before the party, so that the teachers get to know the group and we’re all tuned for the weekend classes.
  • There will be a solo blues class for both levels. Blues dancing includes a lot of improvisation and an exchange of ideas with your dance partner. Solo dancing can inspire can help you get ideas and have more fun on the dance floor. It also enhances your awareness of your own body and create your own personal style of dancing.
  • And of course you will get all that love the Tiny Blues team puts in every year to make you feel welcome in Dresden.